Building a business with your spouse might be the best move you will make in 2021

My wife is a great accountant with 30 years of experience in multiple industries. Over the years I watched her frustration rise as she worked for various companies and accounting firms. One day out of sheer frustration, I told her to quit her job.

I was making $200K per year at Amazon, so I figured we didn’t need the money. I was more interested in my wife figuring out what she wanted to do, and being fulfilled in those pursuits.

Shortly after she quit…

I build my businesses in the cloud, here’s why

I’m a self-taught web developer, and I’ve spent years building my existing skills and learning new skills. One interesting fact about my journey is that I was terrified of building in the cloud.

By the time I landed my first job as a Programmer Analyst with Amazon, I didn’t have any technical working knowledge of AWS (Amazon Web Services). I actually started in the legal department building SharePoint applications.

I had some exposure to the cloud, but that was from messing around with certain services on Azure, not AWS. …

Stop manually collecting payment information, laboring over invoices, and waiting to get paid.

There’s nothing worse than working your ass off for a sale, then making a “ham handed segue” into asking the customer for a credit card. Automated payment processing is now a commodity that can be seamlessly integrated into any type of business.

Yes, You Need Technology

It’s the end of 2019, so you must get comfortable with software developers who insist on lecturing you about the need for automated processes in your business. This particular lecture, is about automated, secure systems to collect money from your customers.

I was recently on…

Amazon CloudFront is a powerful ingredient for any voice first application, including Alexa Skills.

The ability to build and deploy an entire web application, with a back-end API, without provisioning a single server, is amazing. The ability to connect a VUI (Voice User Interface) to the infrastructure is equally amazing. With this increased convenience comes a steep learning curve, and many new concepts to master. Caching is only one mechanism essential to serverless voice and web applications.

CloudFront provides a powerful caching solution for any voice-powered serverless application.

How CloudFront Helps our Apps

Let’s start by understanding the benefits of using a web cache in…

It’s all about logic, organization, and extreme attention to detail.

Many people are interested in the software development industry nowadays, and I often wonder about the path folks will take to reach their ultimate destination. For existing developers, I’m usually interested in the non-traditional path they took to become developers. We tend to identify most with our own life experience, so I’ve never been drawn to conversations about dorm rooms and classes on computer science.

As I thought about my own experience, I started to notice striking similarities between the process of becoming proficient in law and becoming proficient as…

We will be using an Infrastructure as Code approach for this tutorial. We will be dealing with 2 regions in our AWS account. I am closest to us-west-2, so the bulk of my infrastructure will be deployed in that region. You could deploy everything in us-east-1, but you will need to modify the instructions slightly. Here are the high level steps you need to take to build this solution:

  1. Create a 3rd Party Identity provider that will allow users to login with an identity stored in another system. For this tutorial, we will use Login With Amazon.
  2. Create an ACM…

We used state-of-the-art technology to create a new gaming experience

Building for voice first is hard. Perhaps that is what makes it so compelling. Building engaging voice first games is exceptionally difficult, mainly because you cannot rely on flashy visuals.

Our Approach

About 2 years ago we had a crazy idea to build a voice-first crime solving simulation game for Alexa. Fast forward 2 years, and we scrapped the initial design and restarted from scratch. Why — because our initial approach was already outdated.

For the new approach, we decided to harness the power of Alexa’s dialog capabilities. Our goal was to…

The effective combination of technology and personal service will delight clients and increase profits

Many professionals in conservative industries such as law and accounting are inflexible and somewhat technology averse. Sure, there are some early adopters who embrace technology and use it as a unique value proposition — positioning their products or services apart from the competition. Most of these professionals are highly capable experts in their field, but struggle to translate those years of experience into repeatable mechanisms that will propel them forward in their chosen professions.

Finding a good software developer is only half the battle. After finding…

I happen to be in the midst of a very large Alexa Skill project. In fact, after 1 month, I am still toiling away. Writing code all day, typing at the speed of light, I am starting to enjoy the click-clack of the keys. In fact, the sound of the keystrokes are harmonizing perfectly with Chopin’s Nocturne in E-Flat Major.

It is with this experience that I have come to have a love/hate relationship with the Alexa Skills Dialog methodologies. In a way, the dialog is the most important aspect of an Alexa Skill. …

Matt Pitts

Ex Amazon Engineer and Founder of @AdonousTech. A technology company focused on #VoiceFirst #Serverless and #Cloud applications for small businesses

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