The Cloud Shall Set You Free

The Moment of Truth

Confronting My Fears


  • No servers. The only server we use is for our WordPress site, which is purely for SEO purposes. Everything else runs in on-demand containers (lambda)
  • Security. Security is our 1st and most important concern. We use integrated cloud security to ensure our applications are secure, all the time.
  • Data. We run schema-less, infinitely scalable data tables (DynamoDB), instead of non-scalable, expensive, relational databases. We only pay for data transactions we use.
  • Storage. We can easily store unlimited amounts of objects, all with nine nines of durability (S3).
  • Authentication/Authorization. We use a massively scalable Authentication service (Cognito) that ties into our other cloud-based services
  • AI/ML. Machine learning is now a commodity and is within reach of developers of all skill sets. We rely more and more on cheap and effective machine learning to automate critical business tasks.
  • Front-end Web and Mobile. We use SDKs and purpose-built classes to enable our front-end applications to seamlessly talk to the back-end (AWS Amplify)
  • App Integration. We use application integration tools to coordinate our many microservices (AWS Step Functions)
  • Email. We send thousands of transactional emails that look awesome because we use 100s of different, data-driven email templates (Amazon SES)
  • Networking. We can sub-domain anything and quickly spin up private networks where necessary (Route 53, VPC, etc.)
  • Content Delivery. We achieve lightning fast load times because we utilize multiple, low cost CDNs where necessary (CloudFront)
  • DevOps. So, so important. If you are manually deploying your code, or manually copying files, you’re doing it wrong. We build and deploy our code to multiple environments with a single command line argument. (CodePipeline)
  • Infrastructure. We actually program our infrastructure. Its the coolest thing ever (CloudFormation + AWS CDK)




Ex Amazon Engineer and Founder of @AdonousTech. A technology company focused on #VoiceFirst #Serverless and #Cloud applications for small businesses

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Matt Pitts

Matt Pitts

Ex Amazon Engineer and Founder of @AdonousTech. A technology company focused on #VoiceFirst #Serverless and #Cloud applications for small businesses

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