Good article. However, cash is king. At the end of the day, investors simply want to make a return on their investment. One sure way to get the attention of prospective investors is to establish a customer base and revenue stream, before pitching them for cash. As they say, “money talks, bullsh*t runs the marathon”. This is my perspective. I have worked as a professional developer easily making 6 figures at one of the largest cloud companies in the world, with no degree or formal CS education. You get ahead in this world by putting your head down and working your butt off. I just don’t think about all that other stuff, its a waste of energy. We excel in tech by showing that we can adapt, learn, and build. Its a recipe for success.

Ex Amazon Engineer and Founder of @AdonousTech. A technology company focused on #VoiceFirst #Serverless and #Cloud applications for small businesses

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