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  • Daniel Vassallo

    Daniel Vassallo

    Being independent. https://twitter.com/dvassallo.

  • Colin Lord

    Colin Lord

    Meteorologist turned front-end engineer. Married to @katyrae87. Born in Atlanta. Educated at @FloridaState. Now living in Music City, Tennessee.

  • Jeff Jonas

    Jeff Jonas

    Jeff Jonas is founder and CEO of Senzing. Prior to Senzing, Jonas served as IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist of Context Computing.

  • Tim Wagner

    Tim Wagner

    Inventor of AWS Lambda and former AWS GM of Serverless, former Coinbase VP Eng, and now innovating on some exciting new ideas!

  • Michael Bahr

    Michael Bahr

  • Danny Bolella

    Danny Bolella

    Software Developer Lead iOS | Writer | Reader | Husband/Father

  • Jyotiswarup Raiturkar

    Jyotiswarup Raiturkar

    Chief Architect — Walmart Labs E-commerce Fulfilment. software engineer | investor

  • Bowei Han

    Bowei Han

    Software Engineer

  • Joshua Saunders

    Joshua Saunders

    Senior software developer at Klipfolio. I love writing about all things dev and faith. linkedin.com/in/jksaunders to connect!

  • Roberto Salazar

    Roberto Salazar

    Industrial Engineer | LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/roberto-salazar-reyna/ | Join Medium and support my work: https://robertosalazarr.medium.com/subscribe

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