• Calvin Pak

    Calvin Pak

    Creator of hackathon winning projects Molecule Protocol (permission middleware), Credit3 (under-collateralized loan), and Claimable (token distribution tool)

  • Ben Nadel

    Ben Nadel

    #JavaScript, #ColdFusion, #UserExperience, #MovieBuff. Co-founder & Lead Engineer of @InVisionApp, Inc. I freakin' love programming!

  • Krystal Campioni

    Krystal Campioni

    Senior Front-end developer @ Shopify. Giphy and Whale fluent speaker. Tech, design, and marine life enthusiast | www.krystalcampioni.com

  • Kishore Dandu

    Kishore Dandu

  • 4programmer


    just for programmer linkedin:https://www.linkedin.com/company/4programmer facebook:https://www.facebook.com/4programmer1

  • Raghavendran Gopal

    Raghavendran Gopal

  • Synder Business & Accounting Blog

    Synder Business & Accounting Blog

    Helpful articles for SMBs, e-commerces, and finance specialists to manage your business data better and facilitate your accounting data.

  • Jay Jennings

    Jay Jennings

    Jay lived on a bus as a little kid, on a commune as a medium kid, and graduated from Ringling Bro’s. Barnum & Bailey Clown College as a big kid.

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